CHQ WIRE Market NO.1 - 42.5%

  • SeAH Special Steel - 42.5%
  • Total Chi wire market share

Sales growth trend - 2013 (6900 billion won)

690 billion won
650 billion won
630 billion won


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About Us


종합부품 소재기업 세아 특수강입니다. - 세아 특수강의 선재는 자동차, 전자, 기계 부품 산업의 핵심 소재입니다.

SeAH's technologies are brought into our daily life
SeAH's products consist of CHQ wire and CD bars. These products are made into bolts, nuts, and small screws, which drive electronic and machinery parts, moving cars. As such, they are core materials. SeAH's technologies are brought into everything ranging from small parts materials for cars and electronics, to cylinder rods for excavators, lifts, loaders, and other construction machines, to industrial ball screws, and to Higher value-added large parts materials for aircraft and Engines for vessel.
SeAH is proud of its product quality, which is the driving force for its future growth
In this ever changing business environment, the surest method for the future success is to secure the best quality and continue to earn customers' confidence in us.
To build a global quality management system, we have made efforts to reflect diverse customer needs in our work processes, to establish a quality management system, to foster reform specialists, and to enhance the whole staff's abilities through Trainning session.
These efforts have enabled us to secure the best quality and competitiveness. We have also endeavored to improve our field operations and to conduct management innovation activities. We thus earned the ISO 9002 certification in 1995, the international automotive quality management system ISO/TS 16949 certification in 2006, earning recognition for our world-class quality management ability. Further, we earned the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification in 2010, allowing us to systematically manage environmental impacts and to continuously improve the environment.
Going global beyond Korea! Global Component Materials Manufacturer “SeAH Special Steel”
Since our establishment in 1986, we have produced high-quality special steel materials, localizing the production of key automotive security parts which had been imported before, thereby contributing to the country saving foreign currencies and bolstering national competitiveness. We have led the way in growing the key parts materials industries, thereby laying a strong groundwork for the development of Korean industries in automobiles, electronics, and machinery. We have yet to make further efforts to reform our management systems, to develop technologies and to implement the customer-oriented management system of putting customers first in a bid to become a world-class Component Materials Manufacturer equipped with the best competitiveness.
  • CEO
    CHQ (Cold Heading Quality) wire, CD Bar (Cold Drawn Bar), and the STS Bar (Stainless Steel Bar), Bar to Bar, Peeled Bar
  • Location
    Pohang Plant (head office), Chungju Plant No.1 and 2, The Seoul, Busan, and Daegu (Offices), Nantong (China), Tianjin (China), Chonburi(Thailand)