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CHQ Wire

Cold Heading Quality (CHQ) wire is produced through drawing or annealing the raw material. Our customers use our product to manufacture fastening components like bolts, nuts, screws, and mechanical parts for the automotive, electronics, and construction industries.


High-quality cold-worked products produced in cutting-edge facilities

SeAH Special Steel produce excellent quality CHQ wire with high durability and precision using cutting-edge facilities, such as a hydrogen bell-type furnace and an automatic pickling line, and supply it to global markets.


Establishment of a supply chain to differentiate manufacturing competitiveness

SeAH Special Steel has the largest manufacturing capacity in the CHQ wire market and distinguishes itself through strict supply chain management to meet delivery deadlines.


Specialized coating processes for superior surface quality

SeAH Special Steel Secure a portfolio of specialized coatings, such as non-phosphating and oil-cleaning coatings, and achieve aesthetically pleasing and superior surface quality to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Competitive products

Hydrogen bell-type furnace heat treated products

Our heat treated products exhibit dramatically improved quality, including spheroidized texture, mechanical properties, and uniform coating. These products excel in cold forming, extend mold life, and enhance the heat treatment of the notoriously difficult-to-heat-treat SWCH45F bearing steel.

Seam-free wire products

Seam-free wire product prevents surface defects that may occur in the raw material. Once produced, it is shaved to a specific depth with a shaving machine to remove any defects that may occur during cold forming. It is a strategic product designed to meet demanding and stringent quality standards.

Differentiated processes

Automation of pickling and coating

Hydrogen bell-type furnace heat treatment

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Featured products

  • Types

    Steel grade


  • Carbon steel


    Bolt, Nut, Screw

  • Boron steel

    SAE10B21, SAE51B20,

    Shafts for safety belts, bolts for automotive, and bolts for construction

  • Chromium-Molybdenum steel

    SCM415(H), SCM420(H),
    SCM435(H), SCM440H

    Various types of bolts, piston pin materials

  • Molybdenum steel


    Bolts for automotive

  • Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Steel

    SAE8620H, SAE8740H

    Gear for oil pump, bolts for aircraft

  • Bearing steel

    SUJ2, SAE52100

    Bearing components

Specifications for packing

Steel banding

Product secured with a steel frame (no packaging)


Securing the product to a steel frame in a circle

Carrier Packaging

Products packaged in gunny sacks

Packaging + Corrugated cardboard

Double-wrapped with corrugated cardboard covering a portion of the top