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A high-quality, defect-free peeled bar product manufactured by removing fine defects on the surface and improving precise dimensions and roundness. The material is mainly used for cylinder rods for construction machinery, engine parts for ships, industrial ball screws, and cold-forged automobile components.


Perfect straightness with no additional correction required

A product with significantly improved surface roughness and straightness by continuously turning the surface of rolled steel bars. It is a high-quality, defect-free product without the need for further calibration or processing, helping you to reduce costs as a result.


Guarantees perfect surface of each material type

Guarantees perfect surfaces by removing fine defects on the surface and undergoing the offline Eddy Current Testing (ECT) based on the types of material or usage.

Differentiated process

Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

QT(Quenching & Tempering)

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Featured Products

  • Usage



    • Construction machine cylinder rod

      50mm ~ 130mm

    • Shipbuilding engine parts

      50mm ~ 130mm

    • Industrial ball screw

      40mm ~ 130mm

    • Cold-forged products for automobiles

      40mm ~ 70mm

    • General steel, carbon steel, alloy steel

Packaging specifications

Steel banding

Product fastened with steel straps (No wrapping paper)


Product wrapped in burlap and fastened with a steel strap.

Wooden box Packaging

Product placed inside the wooden box